Adding, Editing and Deleting Content

This site is a modification of a basic Wordpress site. As such, it has a ton of functionality that is not applicable to this site. This post is an effort to explain how to specifically modify the UDP site.

Overview of the Wordpress Interface

After signing in, you will see a long list of elements along the left side of the screen. You will only need to be familiar with a couple of them, and you will need to avoid the others.

Posts are the primary content type of the site. They include all of the projects and experience. In most cases, you will only need to modify an existing project, or perhaps add a new one. You should avoid the "Categories" and "Tags" sections.

In the case that you will need to upload large groups of images, you would do it here. Otherwise, you should do it from the slideshow interface as described below.

Everything that is not a project is a page. For the most part, you will not need to add, edit or delete any of these. The only exception will be to add or edit a bio. See instructions below.

This is the section to add/edit the slideshows for the project pages.

Ignore everything else
Any modification of another section will cause problems with the layout and function of the site. Don't touch anything else... You don't need to.


Posts include all projects - both "Recent Developments" and "Experience"

To modify any post, just click "Posts > All Posts". This will bring up a list of all posts within the system. When you roll over the title of the post, you will see options. You will want to "Edit". To add a new project, click "Posts > Add New"

There are two types of posts, "Experience" - which is a selection of projects completed by the team prior to their time at UDP - and "Recent Developments" - which are UDP projects. Experience projects show up at the bottom "Experience & Capabilities" page, and do not include a link to the full post. Recent Developments are displayed at the top of the page, and include "View Full Project" links that direct to the full project page with more information and a slideshow.

Adding / Editing Posts

You can edit a post by locating it within the "Posts > All Posts" list, then clicking "edit", or going to the project page (in the case of the "Recent Project" and clicking "edit post" on the top menu bar.

The post interface is fairly straight forward. The top line is the title of the page. This will be the name that shows up on the "Experience & Capabilities" project list.

Preview Text
The text entry box in the next section is for the "preview" text that will show next to the thumbnail image on the "Experience & Capabilities" list. In order for it to be formatted correctly, you will need to copy and paste this information from an existing project, and edit it for the new project. This text will not display on the post page.

Slideshow Options
These options are only applicable to a "Recent Project" posting. They should be set up correctly for a project page. The most important thing is to make sure the "Hide Slideshow" dropdown is set to "no".

Page Builder
The page builder is the section responsible for, well, building the page. It is broken into three sections - the Slideshow, Primary Content Area, and Secondary Content Area. For the purposes of a project post, only the slideshow and primary areas are important. To add a slideshow, select the "project slider" element from the "select element" dropdown next to the "project slideshow" and click "Add Element". To edit, click on the box with the pencil. To add a new slideshow, just enter the ID number. See "Slideshows" below for more info.

To add the project information to the page, select "Project Info Box" from the dropdown next to the Primary Content Area and click "Add Element" two times. This will add the project details such as cost and square footage, as well as the project description. By default, these boxes will be "1/3" size. This means they will take up a third of the page. To make the project description display correctly, click the plus "+" sign on the bottom right side of that box until the width is "2/3".

In the first text box, enter the project name. This will be the name show beneath the slideshow, it will not affect the project list pages. In the "Content" section, enter the project data. In order for it to display correctly, you will need to copy and paste the information from another project and edit the text. The second text box does not need a name. Just paste the project description in the text box.

In the column on the right of the page, you will need to select the category appropriate to this post. If it is an old project, click "Experience", if it is a new project, click "Recent Developments". This will control where it shows up on the project list page. You can ignore the "Tags" Section. The "Featured Image" is the thumbnail that displays on the project list page. It will not display on the project page itself. Click "set feature image" to select an image from the media library. If you would like to change the image, just click "remove featured image" and then add a new one.

When finished editing the page, click the "Update" button toward the top right corner of the page. Once the page is saved, you will be able to "view post"

Changing the Order of Projects
Within each block within the project list, projects are listed in order in which they were published, with the most recent at the top. To reorder, you will need to change the publish date. This can be found in the top right corner of the post page under "Publish". Next to the "Published On" date, click "edit". From there, you can change the publish date/time.

(Un)Publishing Posts
You may want to add projects to the system without them showing to a visitor. Just add the content as normal. The status can be in the top right corner of the post page under "Publish". "Draft" means that it will be saved in the system without showing to the general public, "Published" means, well, that it is published and available for all to see. If a page is already published, and you would like to hide it, change the status to "draft" rather than modifying the visibility settings.

Editing Pages

You should never need to add pages. But, there are a couple of instances where you need to edit them.

Our Team
The company description is within the "Inset Text Box" block within the primary content area. Click the box with a pencil to expand the box and edit accordingly. You can edit a person's bio by scrolling down to the primary content area, and clicking "Team bios". This will expand and show you several people. Click the box with the pencil next to those people to edit their names, titles, and resumes. Unfortunately, in order for the resumes to show up correctly, you will need to use HTML markup. The easiest way to add this for a new person is to copy and past one person's resume to the new person, then edit the text within the tags.

Recent Developments
The recent developments section includes the three featured projects. Because of the layout of the page, you are able to include three projects - two landscape, and one portrait. To edit these images/projects, click the square with the pencil. This will bring up all of the relevant fields for that image. To swap out the image, just click "upload image" to replace the existing one. The link URL is the link to the project page. The building name and location show up on the recent development page, but do not affect the title anywhere else.


You may need to add/edit/delete images within the slideshows attached to a project page. To edit, click "edit" after rolling over the slideshow title. This will bring you to a page where you can add, remove and reorder images. To add images, click the "Add Images" button. You will be prompted to either add media files from your computer, or if you click the "Media Library" tab at the top, you can select images that have already been uploaded to the system. To remove an image from the slideshow, rollover the image, then click the "x", this will prompt you to make sure you want to delete it, just click yes. To rearrange the images within the slideshow, simply drag and drop the images in the order you want them displayed. When finished, click the "save slider" button in the top right corner.

When adding a new slider to a project page, you'll need the ID number to add to that block (see above). This number is in the far left column on the list of the slideshows.

Home Page Slideshow

The images on the home page are not generated by the RoyalSlider widget. You'll have to go to the "Gallery" section of the dashboard in order to add or reorder images. To add images, click "Gallery > Add Gallery/Images". From the "Gallery" dropdown, select "Home Page Slides" then click "Add Files". These images will then be added to the home page. Make sure they are of sufficient resolution - at least 2048 pixels wide by 1436 pixels tall.

To reorder images within the slideshow, click "Gallery > Manage Galleries", then select "Home Page Slides". At the bottom half of the page, click "Sort Gallery". This will bring you to a page that will allow you to reorder the images. Note: there is a chance that the thumbnails will not display here. You can still reorder the images by clicking and dragging the space just above the caption. When you are done, click "Update Sort".

To adjust the timing and transition effects applied to this gallery, go to "Appearance > WunderSlider Gallery" and scroll down to "Transitions". The rest of the screen should not be modified."